Creating Cool Patterns With Bathroom Tile

One thing most people don’t do is create fun designs and patterns when doing tile work. This is true in our kitchens, bathrooms and other areas around the house. When we look at tile, we tend to go with one color or a universal pattern that is used all throughout. However, bathroom tile in fenton, mo has a large selection of tile that you can use to create fun and innovative designs.

Tip #1 – Mix and match colors

One thing that you can do is mix and match colors. If we have tiles that have different shades or if you get a box of tile that may have metallic flecks of different colors in them, you can use them to add a little bit of interest to your space. Often, people will return imperfect tiles or something that just didn’t match right. With some creativity you can cover your space and create a unique one of a kind look.

Tip #2 – Break up your tile

Another thing that people don’t think of is breaking up their tile. You can get a lot of mismatched tiles, put them into a bag and smash them with a hammer. Then taking the broken pieces create a mosaic pattern in the middle of your floor or in random areas. This will add a visual interest and allow you to use spare tile you found or were given.

Tip #3 – Go for the bold and contemporary

bathroom tile in fenton, mo

Another thing that you can do if you are looking to create something fun is go for patterns that have a strong presence. There are many tiles in shapes, colors, and styles that will give your space a unique look. This may mean using a different color stone or going with more of a contemporary look. You can still use classic designs but the tile said can be of something unique that will give your place its own flare and style.

Tips For Keeping Your AC Bill Down

The summer months and the winter months care going to be killers when it comes to your electric bills. With fluctuating temperatures and not knowing how the weather will react from one moment to the next it is almost impossible to know what your bill will be. One of the best things that you can do is make sure that your commercial hvac in Ardmore is running efficiently.

Set to a standard temperature

When working with your AC you don’t want to be changing it every few minutes. The more that you work with the settings on your thermostat and constantly change them, it will make a difference in your bill. You can save a great deal of money by simply setting the temperature to one temperature, usually right around 70 degrees is a standard for most people.

Make sure your filters are clean

The next thing that you want to make sure are clean are your filters. Filters are essential when it comes to your AC and heating system. Where one filter is not doing its job correctly then the other filters should pick up the slack. However, you can tell when they will need to be replaced by doing some basic inspections of them. Check for dust buildup on them and if that isn’t a problem then look for tears in them or if they are warped.

I have to change mine out at least once every three months, but it’s not uncommon for some people to have to do it almost once a month. A dirty filter is one of the most common causes of problems with your AC unit so make sure that you check and clean them regularly.

commercial hvac in Ardmore

It isn’t hard to keep up with a quality AC system. Just take some time, monitor your usage and adjust as things change.

Why Does A Hardwood Floor Creak?

Any homeowner with hardwood floors has undoubtedly experienced speaking and creaking floors as they walk around their home. While this can be a charming design quality of an older house, it usually indicates other possibly more significant issues.

If you have noticed that your hardwood floors are getting louder and louder as you walk on them and have started to wonder, “Why is my hardwood floor creaking?” then consider the following guide to finding the source of the noise problem.


The most common cause of creaking floors when walking around is called ‘settling”. When a house is constructed, crews will lay the floorboards down and nail them in place. Over time the wood dries out, causing it to shrink and contract against your home’s structure or environmental conditions.

This natural occurrence can be lessened with the help of moisture control systems such as a humidifier or a dehumidifier.

on Joints & Connectors

Unlike luxury vinyl tile in buford ga, hardwood flooring can become stressed as the joints that support them undergo pressure from high foot traffic or heavy furniture.

To reduce the creaking caused by this, homeowners can purchase inexpensive hardwood floor sound pads. These rubber strips will provide a cushion between your hardwood floors and the source of stress.


While water isn’t typically directly responsible for creaking, it can cause damage to many parts of your home, including hardwood floors. If you have experienced foundation leaks or roof leaks, it is possible that the water has warped your hardwood floors and is responsible for the creaking sounds you hear when walking.

To solve this issue, you should hire a professional to inspect any areas of water damage and make the appropriate repairs.

luxury vinyl tile in buford ga


If your hardwood floors have become very noisy, the problem likely exists with the underlying layer of padding. To repair this issue, you will need to remove all carpeting or other flooring material and replace the old padding with new fabric.

Floor Epoxy Features For You To Glide Over

No, you are perfectly welcome. Really now. It was really no sweat putting together this floor epoxy features list for you to glide over. Yes, that is quite correct; it will only take you a minute or two to get through. And then you can go back to whatever it was you were doing before. So before we run out of time; let’s get this features list going then. Brief points to begin with then. Resistant, durable, strong, low in porosity.

floor epoxy

What else? Oh, and the ability to withstand extremely high temperatures. Well, up to a point anyway, so let’s not exaggerate about that one. Speaking of which, let’s further the introduction to floor epoxy and its features with a bit more detail then. What was just said before, about high temperatures and all; would make the floor epoxy perfect for industrial settings. Epoxy floor coatings will be used as a good counterfoil to potential chemical spillages.

Chemical reactions occur when epoxy’s base and curing agents are mixed proportionately at set ratios. The desired effects are produced when done. Chemical reactions occur between the two mixed parts whereby heat and hardening occurs. When the heating and hardening processes are completed, the desired hard plastic finishes are produced. Commercial customers have been recommended to purchase darker epoxy colors owing to the possibility of quick fading as a result of the UV exposures.

But having said that top coatings with latex, urethanes and polyaspartics will contribute towards retaining the epoxy’s attractive color and gloss. One more thing worth noting is that while epoxies do have the ability to withstand heated temperatures, caution rather than exuberance should be the watchword. Epoxies may be strong and durable but they are not invincible.

4 Tools Every Homeowner Should Have

To effectively repair minor damages to your home and surrounding property, it’s essential to have the right tools for the job.

Failure to utilize the right equipment to complete a repair project could severely damage your physical being or your property.

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The tools you need to complete any repair task around the house will depend on:

·    Your Budget

·    Your Home’s Location

·    The Age Of Your Property

·    Pre-Existing Home Conditions

To be a successful DIYer ready for any repair project, it is recommended to purchase these four tools every homeowner should have!

# 4
– Cordless Drill

A cordless drill is a must for any homeowner’s toolbox! Cordless drills are perfect for a variety of situations as they allow for:

·    Drilling into different materials (wood, metal, masonry)

·    Driving screws of various sizes & weights

·    Hammering aluminum studs and nails

·    Sanding off paint & debris

Because they are cordless, these drills are perfect in tight spaces or high areas that don’t have access to power outlets needed to run chorded equipment.

# 3
– Pliers and Wrenches

These handheld tools come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Pliers are perfect for gripping objects that have a straight or 90-degree edge.

Wrenches are perfect for gripping objects with an L-shaped profile, such as hex nuts.

# 2
– Jack Stands and Locking C-Clamps

Jack stands are supports that allow heavy objects to be raised and supported while a repair is ongoing.

Locking C-clamps are very popular and often used by a professional handyman near me in wheaton, il, to clamp repair projects in place to ensure stability while the repair is completed.

# 1
– Utility Knife

A utility knife is a multi-purpose tool that helps cut, score & scrape materials to complete a repair.

All of these tools can be purchased locally at any hardware store.

Features Of Vinyl Flooring

These features may well astound you. It is not hardcore industrial floor surfaces but rather luxury vinyl flooring in oklahoma city ok that is the provider of these features. This short introductory note runs through a few of those features that you would usually come to expect from commercial vinyl flooring perhaps. So without further ado, let’s begin. The luxury vinyl flooring provides you with moisture resistance.

It is also aesthetically pleasing as the literary aesthetes like to say. Or will they? Will they approve given that some of them can be such snobs. Luxury vinyl flooring is versatile, durable, resists stains pretty well, pretty easy to install. And pretty easy to clean and maintain as well, making it also a great hygienic possibility. And that’s very important these days, as well you should surely know by now. Oh, one more thing.

luxury vinyl flooring in oklahoma city ok

Of great concern to most folks of course is the pricing. The good news is that you could pretty muck vinyl tile or plank your entire home if you wanted to because the pre-packaged DIY systems are still relatively cheap in comparison to conventional flooring and its related materials; wood, marble, tiles and the like. Oh, another thing. We did already say that luxury vinyl flooring is pretty attractive to look at.

But what we didn’t say is that you would hardly notice the difference. You would not know if you are looking at marble, wood or ceramic or terracotta tiles. This could be a bit of an exaggeration for now so why not go and visit a showroom and put your eyes to the test then. Finally, do remember to keep it clean and well-maintained. And may your new floors last as long as the package says it could.

How To Prepare Your Patio For A Fun Get Together?

There is nothing better than having a get together with friends and family. When we get to see people we haven’t seen in years, get caught up on old times it can be really fun. The one thing that we want to do however is create a space that we can all relax in. This is why we want to have a patio enclosures that will keep out the heat and the rain.

Tip #1 – Clean and organize

The first thing that you want to do is clean and organize your space. For many people they will store a lot of supplies and junk on their patios – chairs, tables, and things that they don’t want in their home. To make sure that you have enough space, clean it up and keep it organized.

Tip #2 – Get the right furniture

The next thing that you want to do is get the right furniture. Many people will just rely on folding chairs and tables when they are not really comfortable or suitable for the event. Make sure that if you have a large group of friends coming over that you can sit comfortably so make sure that you have the right furniture.

Tip #3 – Get candles and lanterns

Candles and lanterns are great for adding a little bit of romantic feel to your patio space. You can add some color, shimmer, and light to the area with simple candles that are placed strategically around the area. Also try adding colored spotlights that can be purchased at any outdoor store.

patio enclosures

Tip #4 – Don’t forget the beverages

To many people they want to set up a great patio enclosure, and have plenty of room for their guests but then forget about drinks. Make sure that you purchase disposable cups or glasses that you can use during the party so your guests can enjoy a drink and relax.