Why Does A Hardwood Floor Creak?

Any homeowner with hardwood floors has undoubtedly experienced speaking and creaking floors as they walk around their home. While this can be a charming design quality of an older house, it usually indicates other possibly more significant issues.

If you have noticed that your hardwood floors are getting louder and louder as you walk on them and have started to wonder, “Why is my hardwood floor creaking?” then consider the following guide to finding the source of the noise problem.


The most common cause of creaking floors when walking around is called ‘settling”. When a house is constructed, crews will lay the floorboards down and nail them in place. Over time the wood dries out, causing it to shrink and contract against your home’s structure or environmental conditions.

This natural occurrence can be lessened with the help of moisture control systems such as a humidifier or a dehumidifier.

on Joints & Connectors

Unlike luxury vinyl tile in buford ga, hardwood flooring can become stressed as the joints that support them undergo pressure from high foot traffic or heavy furniture.

To reduce the creaking caused by this, homeowners can purchase inexpensive hardwood floor sound pads. These rubber strips will provide a cushion between your hardwood floors and the source of stress.


While water isn’t typically directly responsible for creaking, it can cause damage to many parts of your home, including hardwood floors. If you have experienced foundation leaks or roof leaks, it is possible that the water has warped your hardwood floors and is responsible for the creaking sounds you hear when walking.

To solve this issue, you should hire a professional to inspect any areas of water damage and make the appropriate repairs.

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If your hardwood floors have become very noisy, the problem likely exists with the underlying layer of padding. To repair this issue, you will need to remove all carpeting or other flooring material and replace the old padding with new fabric.